Customers Come First

At WINKY.NET, we take pride in providing personalized attention to our customers. All Winky staff are dedicated, experienced professionals ready to guide you through setup or troubleshooting. We work with our customers and strive to build long term relationships.


Fibre Channel SAN - SSD RAID10

While most providers continue to offer locally attached storage and/or NAS, Winky delivers storage through Fibre Channel SSD SAN - using the quickest, most reliable RAID configuration and state-of-the-art SSD storage arrays.


Unmetered Tier-1 Bandwidth

At Winky, we do not meter your bandwidth. Use as little or as much as you need. Other providers use trickery and offer "unlimited" bandwidth then set a transfer limit that is only a fraction of the total throughput. With our unmetered plans, there are no extra bandwidth usage fees or overage fees.


VMware Virtualized

Our infrastructure runs on VMware vSphere 4.1. Used by 95% of the Fortune 1000, vSphere is the only enterprise cloud OS on the market, offering the highest standards in performance and reliability. We use the best, don't settle for anything less.


One Wilshire

Winky's data center is located in highly secure One Wilshire, widely regarded as the most connected building in the world. We are at the core of the Internet. If you're looking for low latency, we offer some of the fastest ping times in the industry. Try out our free speed test.



As a customer, you can snapshot your VM at any time. Keep point in time images of your system in case you need to rollback to a previous configuration. Snapshots are a great way to recover from accidental corruption of your servers or other misconfigurations. They are also a great way to backup your data.


Root Access

At WINKY.NET, we give you complete autonomy over your server. This means full root access, administrator privileges, and SSH/RDP for total control. Your server is your own dedicated system - no shared hosting plans here.


We are Flexible

If you need a custom solution or service, Winky will work with you to meet your requirements, no matter how big or small. As a VMware Professional Partner, we have the expertise to handle virtually anything.


Certified Technical Support On-Call 24-Hours a Day

Winky has VMware, Cisco, and Microsoft certified technicians on call 24 hours a day.