Winky Data Center

Winky's data center is located in One Wilshire, highly recognized as the most connected building in the world. With over 300 ISPs and every major Tier-1 provider, there is no better facility for connectivity. With state of the art security including 24x7 staffing, CCTV surveillance, mantraps, and multiple points of biometric access verification, you can rest assured that your infrastructure is protected by every physical safeguard imaginable. Winky's datacenter is SAS-70 certified and features multiple layers of power backup.

Los Angeles Data Center One Wilshire
SAS 70 Certified
Power Density
Up to 25 KWs per cabinet
UPS Power
2N and N+1 AC UPS power, 2N DC power is available
Generator Power
2N and N emergency generator configuration
Data Center Cooling
N+1 cooling systems
Fire Suppression
Dual-interlock, dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression system with VESDA
Data Center Security
24x7 staffing and site access, CCTV surveillance, and biometric access control