SaaS Hosting - Software as a Service

Winky's SaaS Hosting makes it simple for software vendors to deliver applications to their customers. Offering software through a hosted environment allows users to access it on demand, from anywhere in the world. Developers can focus on their product and not worry about the underlying systems that deliver their product. As the demands of the applications grow, so does the infrastructure that supports it.

With application servers on standby, SaaS reduces a developer's time to deployment. Simply upload your program, and it's immediately accessible to users. Winky offers SaaS Hosting for Windows and Java developers among other platforms - all delivered over our enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. For more information, contact Winky today to discuss your requirements.
SaaS Offers:
Faster time to market
Less upfront cost
Simple Deployment
Easier Distribution
Less IT Management
On-Demand Scalability