SSD Fibre Channel SAN

Fibre Channel SAN  
Winky is proud to be the first service provider to offer SSD RAID-10 Fibre Channel SAN storage. While most service providers employ locally attached drives and/or NAS (network attached storage), Winky's state-of-the-art SAN (Storage Area Network) features Fibre Channel transfer and Solid State Drives (SSD) in RAID-10 configuration. It is a highly available, redundant and scalable storage network capable of delivering class leading transfer rates and seek times.

SSD drives use solid state microchips to store data and contain no moving parts. Traditional hard drives have spinning disks and moving read/write heads. With no time lost due to mechanical movement, SSD drives are faster, produce less heat, require less power to operate, and are quieter. They offer the quickest access and latency times amongst all storage media. Set in RAID10, which is the most redundant, highest performance RAID configuration, our SSD arrays are simply the fastest datastores available on the market. Paired with Fibre Channel HBAs, Winky's SANs offer unmatched performance.

Winky's cloud is built for speed, and our SAN is a key foundation piece to our high performance infrastructure. With synchronous & asynchronous mirroring, our SAN duplicates data in alternate drives and alternate geographic locations. The result is, your company operates with the reassurance that data is safely guarded and always available. There is simply no better way to handle data!